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Bekk Smoothness Tester

For the determination of smoothness on paper and board according Bekk method. Bekk smoothness testing is an especially informative technique for determining the smoothness of a sample. FRANK-PTI has developed this measurement principle using high grade materials and precision measurement technology, and it has been trusted by the industry for decades.

The ModularLine Bekk smoothness testing device delivers outstanding results, and by extending the measurement area, very smooth samples can be tested within a reasonable time. The automatic prediction is available after just 10 seconds, with informative results.


  • Easy operation via integrated touch screen
  • Measuring range adjustable
    50,7-48,0 KPa (for smooth materials)
    50,7-29,3 kPa (for rough materials)
  • Measuring surface: 10 cm²
  • Accuracy: 0.01 s
  • Forecast 10s
  • Measuring volumes: 1/1 (380 ml), 1/10 (380 ml), 1/20 (19 ml)
  • Protection class: 2
    Protection degree: IP44
  • DIN 53107 / ISO 5627 / TAPPI T479 Smoothness Bekk
    *more standards on request
  • Easy operation via integrated touch screen
  • Three different measuring volumina adjustable 1/1 , 1/10 , 1/20
  • Messzylinder mit speziell entwickelter Gummi-Abdichtplatte
  • 3 versions available:bottom side, top side, both sides
  • Compensation of barometric pressure
  • S625000001 Bekk 1 head – Smoothness bottom side (standard)
  • S625000002 Bekk 1 head – Smoothness top side
  • S625000003 Bekk 2 head – Smoothness top and bottom side
  • S625001001 Elastomere Disk Ø 52 mm / Thickness 4mm for Bekk bottom side
  • S625001011 Elastomere Disk Ø 50 mm / Thickness: 4mm for Bekk top side
  • S406900001 ProbeNet Software inclusive one license *requirements explained on request

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