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Bekk Tester (gladheid)

Toestel voor het meten van de gladheid van papier en foliën volgens de BEKK standaard. Via het ingebouwde touch screen paneel eenvoudig te bedienen. Er kunnen 3 verschillende meetvolumes geselecteerd worden. Dit toestel kan ook ingebouwd worden in onze automatische teststraat (PTA-line).


Applicable standards:
ISO 5627
DIN 53107

• 3 volumes selectable (1/1, 1/10, and 1/20)
• Built-in weight: 10 kg
• 3 versions available:
– Standard with one head – underside measurement
– Reversed head – top side measurement
– 2-head version: simultaneous underside and top side measurement

The sturdy, stable instrument is equipped with a built-in industrial PC and a touchscreen. It is available in three versions: 1-head (top side), 1-head (underside), or 2-head (top and underside).

Test description
The sample is placed below the measuring head. On pushing the start button, the 10 kg weight lowers onto the sample and helps to hold it tight to the glass plate. The built-in vacuum pump evacuates the selected tank to a vacuum of -50.7 kPa. Dependent on the surface roughness of the sample, atmospheric air is drawn in between the glass plate and the sample. The time taken for the vacuum to reach -48.0 kPa (res. 29.3 kPa) is displayed in BEKK seconds. Ten seconds after the test has started a preview is displayed to give an estimation of the result in advance.

• Selectable measuring ranges:
– 50.7-48.0 kPa
– 50.7-29.3 kPa
• Measuring area: 10 cm²
• Selectable volumes:
– 380 ml (1:1)
– 38 ml (1:10)
– 19 ml (1:20)
• Measuring accuracy: 0.01 sec
• Preview calculation already after 10 sec
• Measuring mode (depending on the model):
– Top side
– Underside
– Top and underside
• Easy handling due to touchscreen
• Parallel printer connection
• Serial data interface RS 232
• Compatible to PaperLIMS and MiniStat
• Compatible to PTA-Line

Technical data
Electricity: 110–230 V, 50–60 Hz
Water supply: None
Compressed air: 600 kPa
Dimensions (WxDxH): 27x68x60 cm
Net weight: 1-head 35 kg, 2-head 48 kg
Gross weight: 1-head 50 kg, 2-head 63 kg

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