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ECT- Sample Saw

The ECT sample saw is different to the regular system “Billerud” because it cuts using circular saw blades rather than a parallel blade movement. This allows a precise cut. The compact and robust stainless-steel case contains all the components necessary for the process which consist of sample slide with sample feed and integrated circular saws below, the control unit with integrated motor and controls.

The sample slide travels backwards and forwards pneumatically and the cut samples are ejected by compressed air. To prevent dust there is a suction cleaner connection on the back of the unit to which the optional suction cleaner can be attached.


  • Sample cutting up to a thickness of 20mm
  • Accurate and plane parallel cutting due to the circular saw blades
  • Highspeed motor: up to 12.000 rpm adjustable
  • Automatic cutting and sample ejection
  • Automatic cleaning and dust avoidance due to suction cleaner
  • Cut counter
  • Optional:
    – Suction cleaner
    – Exchangeable saw blades
  • Accurate and plane parallel cutting due to circular saw blades
  • Highspeed motor with up to 12.000 rpm adjustable
  • Pneumatic cutting slide
  • Automatic sample ejection
  • DIN EN ISO 3037
  • APPITA 1301.444s
  • DIN 53149
  • FEFCO Nr. 8
  • ISO 13821
  • SCAN P 33
  • TAPPI: T811, T823, T838, T839
  • S409200000 600 x 250 x 500 mm (L x H x B)
  • S409200000 / ECT Saw / ~46 kg / ~70kg

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