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Puncture Tester

For measuring the energy absorption by dynamically puncturing board or corrugated board. The digital, fully automatic puncture tester with a pendulum arm is used to determine the resistance of a clamped sample when dynamically penetrated with a puncture head. It measures the force required to penetrate through the sample.

The execution of the test is simple and exact. All information (results, average, standard deviation, number of already executed tests, measuring scale, etc.) can be read from the digital display.

Demonstration of the Puncture Tester by Frank-PTI


  • External vibrations are prevented
  • Specimen holder with quick clamping device
  • Pendulum arm with triangular impact head
  • Circular angle of the pendulum arm: 90°
  • Exchangeable weights
  • Digital display with a range up to 96 joules
  • Included weights:
    standard: 6 J, 12 J, 24 J, 48 J
  • DIN 53142-1
  • TAPPI T803
  • ISO 3036
    *more standards on request



  • Robust construction with a mass of 430kg
  • Sample holder with automatic quick clamping
  • Frictionless pendulum bearing
  • Safety Covers
  • S535090001 Puncture Tester with pendulum
    up to 48 J with pendulum masses 6 J, 12 J, 24 J, 48 J
    for board and corrugated ISO 3036, 53142
  • S535091005 Mounting base
    (Mounting base with floor anchoring or own
    cement pedestal are recommended)
  • S406900001 ProbeNet Software one device licence included

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