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Brightness- and Colormeter

For the determination of ISO brightness, colour, colour difference, fluorescence, and opacity of paper.



• Compact device with built-in industrial PC
• Two-beam spectrophotometer with touchscreen
• Spectral range: 360-740 nm
• Sphere with d/0° geometry, pulsed xenon flash lamp
• “WinPaper”-Software, especially designed for the paper industry


The PTA-Line tabletop unit with a built-in touchscreen to display graphs and results. The high resolution two-beam spectrophotometer allows quick measuring sequences at high resolution. The spectrophotometer is built in the upper part of the instrument and sinks when measuring the sample. The “WinPaper” software, which has been developed especially for the paper industry, allows quick and reproducible measurements. The calibration routine by means of a black, white, and UV-standards is most simple: The lower part of the instrument consists of a sample carousel, which contains a black and a white standard, and four basins to support underlay papers for opacity measurements. It is moved under the sample opening and presses the respective standard against the spectrophotometer to calibrate it.

Test description

The operator first chooses the desired measuring program and chooses a reel number or sample number, if desired. (In combination with a PTA-Line, an identification number is given automatically.) The built-in xenon lamp flashes onto the sample and displays single values and graphs. When performing opacity tests, the black standard and the appropriate paper staple are pivoted automatically below the sample. The measurement of UV percentage is carried out by flashing twice (first with, then without UV filter). The curves are mashed when they are displayed in the result diagram. For further processing, values and graphs may be printed out via an A4-printer or exported to a PC via RS 232 interface.


• Two-beam spectrophotometer with d/0° geometry
• Wave length range: 360-740 nm
• Wave length resolution: 10 nm
• Reflection range: 0-200 °, resolution: 0.01 %
• Light source: pulsed xenon lamps
• Illumination surface: 34 mm
• Measuring area: 30 mm
• WinPaper:
– Supports all important paper specific whiteness formulas
– Measurements are possible according to all current standards for the paper industry
– Measurements are possible with different light sources without recalibration
– Appealing editing of measuring values in table and graphic form
• Data Outputs: RS232, Parallel Print Port, XML Export, PTA Line Connect
• Black-white-standards and opacity standards are built in

Technical data

Electricity: 110–230 V, 50/60 Hz
Water supply: None
Compressed air: 400–600 kPa
Dimensions (WxDxH): 40x60x70 cm
Net weight: 45 kg
Gross weight: 60 kg

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