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Kleurmeter – Brightness & Colour

Onze kleumeter is leverbaar in 2 modellen. We hebben een model met een geïntegreerd touch screen beeldscherm en een model wat gebruik maakt van een losse PC. Tevens is het toestel leverbaar geïntegreerd in onze automatische teststraat (Modular-Line). Met dit instrument kan de ISO-brightness, kleurverschillen en opaciteit van papier worden gemeten.


Applicable standards:
ISO 2469, 2470, 2471, 3688, 5631, 9416, 11475, 11476,22891, 22754
TAPPI T519, T525, T527, (T534, T560, T567)
DIN 53145, 53146, 53147, 54500
Paptac E1, E2
SCAN G3, 5, 8, 66, 71, 72 each/P
JIS P8148

• Compact device with built-in industrial PC
• Two-beam spectrophotometer with touchscreen
• Spectral range: 360-740 nm
• Sphere with d/0° geometry, pulsed xenon flash lamp
• “WinPaper” software, especially designed for the paper industry

The compact tabletop unit possesses a built-in touchscreen. The “WinPaper” software, which has been developed especially for the paper industry, is controlled directly via touchscreen. It allows user friendly measurements and calibrations by means of several standards (black, white, UV), which are included in delivery. The 12” TFT monitor provides enough space for the display of results and corresponding graphics. The high resolution two-beam spectrometer allows quick measuring sequences at high resolution.

Test description
The operator first chooses the desired measuring program and also a reel number or sample number for identification. After clamping the sample in the damped sample holder, the measurement can be carried out by a simple touch of the start button which is shown on the screen. The measuring results are now displayed and ready for further evaluations. For further processing, the values may be printed out via an optionally connected printer or exported via a usual USB stick resp. network.

• Two-beam spectrophotometer with d/0° geometry
• Wave length range: 360-740 nm
• Wave length resolution: 10 nm
• Reflection range: 0-200 °, resolution: 0.01 %
• Light source: pulsed xenon lamps
• Illumination surface: 34 mm
• WinPaper:
– Supports all important paper specific whiteness formulas
– Measurements are possible according to all current standards for the paper industry
– Measurements are possible with different light sources without recalibration
– Appealing editing of measuring values in table and graphic form
• 12” TFT touchscreen
• RS 232 and LAN interface for data export to MiniStat or PaperLIMS
• Printer interface
• Accepts mouse and keyboard (optionally available)
• 2 USB connections for printer and USB sticks
• Paper standards and working standards available for white and black balance, and UV calibration

Technische Daten
Electricity: 110–230 V, 50–60 Hz
Water supply: None
Compressed air: None
Dimensions (WxDxH): 34x44x63 cm
Net weight: 20 kg
Gross weight: 28 kg

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