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Glansmeter voor het meten van glans van papier en karton. Dit instrument is te gebruiken als los toestel en kan tevens geïntegreerd worden in onze automatisch teststraat (PTA-line).


Applicable standards:
ISO 8254-1

• Easy handling with selectable measurement options:
– Machine direction (MD)
– Cross direction (CD)
– MD and CD with automatic rotation
• Can be driven with a single transport

The instrument is part of the PTA-Line series. It possesses a built-in industrial PC and a touchscreen for controlling the device and displaying values and statistics. The software is easy in use and handling. By default, the instrument is delivered with a measuring head with an angle of 75° (according to TAPPI T480). It is available in several versions (only MD / only CD / MD and CD with turn able measuring head / upper and lower side at the same time, etc.) The measuring head is set onto the sample automatically.

Test description
The operator places the sample and pushes the start button. The measuring head goes downwards and touches the placed sample. (If using samples, which aren’t plane-parallel, a vacuum plate is optionally available.) The measurement is performed fully automatically. When measuring in two directions (see device with MD and CD), both directions are measured successively due to an automatically turning measuring head. The two-head device (upper and lower side) is only able to measure MD or CD.

• Automatic, self-actuating lowering of the measuring head
• MD and CD version: turn able measuring head
• Standard angle geometry: 75° (other angle geometries are available on request)
• Display: 0-100 GU (gloss units)
• Accuracy: 0.1 GU
• Calibration standard included in delivery
• Measuring time: approx. 3-5 sec
• Measuring surface: 6 x 21 mm

Technical data
Electricity: 110–230 V, 50–60 Hz
Water supply: None
Compressed air: 600 kPa
Dimensions (WxDxH): 27x60x68 cm
Net weight: 26 kg
Gross weight: 32 kg

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