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Bladvormer Tappi Semiautomatisch

Semiautomatische bladvormer voor het maken van handbladen volgens de Tappi en Scan norm.


Applicable standards:
AS/NZS 1301.214s

• Different sizes:
– Tappi standard (159mm diameter)
– KCL or other standards
(165 x 165 mm,
250 x 250 mm,
215 mm diameter,…)
• Pneumatic couching
• De-watering only by gravitation, no vacuum as in the Rapid-Köthen system

The semi automatic sheet former offers increased productivity with reduced the operator fatigue. The machine consists of a strong and stainless steel table with a waterproof polypropylene working top, a built-in sheet-former, couch plate, pneumatic valves, control cabinet, control panel, etc. Pneumatic couching eliminates the handling of the 13 kg couch roll or weight.

Test description
By pressing the “Start” button the filling of the forming column commences. When it is about half full the prepared sample is added. When reaching the correct level the water supply stops and compressed air is injected for agitating the slurry. Then 5 sec are allowed for the turbulence to cease (10 sec according to ISO). After automatic de-watering the sheet is finished and the former can be opened. Two dry blotters and a couch disc are placed on top and the pneumatic couch plate lowered and locked. After the automatic couching cycle the sheet can be taken out and is ready for further pressing and drying.

• Level sensor for accurate filling
• Mixing by compressed air ring of jets inside the sheetformer
• Pneumatic couching
• Sheet forming cycle fully automatic, but may be controlled by a 6-position switch (in manual mode)
• No vacuum pump, suction only by 80 cm water leg

Technical data:

Electricity: 230 V, 50 Hz
Water supply: water (drinking water quality), min. 2 bar, drain Ø 50 mm
Compressed air: 400–600 kPa
Dimensions (WxDxH): 60x50x140 cm
Net weight: 180 kg
Gross weight: 260 kg

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