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Cobb-Unger – Olie & Water Absorptie Tester

Onze Cobb absorptie tester is leverbaar als automatisch model en als handmatig model.


Applicable standards:
ISO 535
DIN 53132
EN 20535
PAPTAC F.2Features

• When cylinder is turned – timer starts automatically
• For couching only the drawer mounted under the 10 kg couch roll is moved
• Quick and simple test

For the determination of the water absorption of sized paper and board, including corrugated fibreboard, under standard conditions. It may not be suitable for paper of less than 50 g/m² or for porous papers such as newsprint or un-sized papers such as blotting paper or other papers having a relatively
high water absorption. A test piece is weighed immediately before and immediately after exposure of one surface to the water for a specified time, followed by blotting. The result of the increase in mass is expressed in grams per square metre (g/m2). The standard model has a test area of 100 cm². The model NV50 is delivered with 100, 50 and 10 cm² area.

Test description
100 ml ± 5 ml of water, or proportionately less for a smaller test area, are poured into the cylinder, thus providing a head of 10 mm. The sample is placed on top and the lid closed. As the cylinder is turned over the timer starts automatically. The exposure time is selected according to the degree of water absorption of the paper and board. If, for example, a test time of 60 s has been selected, the cylinder is turned back after 50 s. The sample is quickly unclamped and placed (test face up) on a sheet of dry blotting paper on the couching table. 60 s after commencement of the test a second sheet of blotting paper is placed on top of the test piece and the excess water removed by pushing the couching table fully in under the couch roll and pulling it back again.

3 Versions available:
• P 95933:
Automatic instrument with built-in couch roll and pivoting cylinder
• P95930:
Instrument with quick clamping and extra 10 kg couch roll (smaller areas e.g. for cigarette papers with 10 cm²) are available
• NV50:
Instrument with knurled screws, but with 3 areas (100, 50 and 10 cm²)

Technical data
Electricity: Battery operated stopwatch
Water supply: None
Dimensions (WxDxH): 32x22x17 cm
Net weight: 12 kg
Gross weight: 16 kg

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