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LR02 Laboratorium Refractometer

De LR02 laboratorium refractometer is een zeer nauwkeurig toestel om in het laboratorium of in de buurt van de productielijn de concentratie van vloeistoffen te bepalen.



The LR-02 digital refractometer is designed for high performance concentration measurement both in the laboratory and out on the line. Particular attention has been paid to ruggedness and ease of use without any sacrifice of performance and accuracy.This means the LR-02 can be used in the laboratory with complete confidence of analytical accuracy but it will also withstand the rigours of the production environment at operator QC stations.Using Maselli’s proven high resolution CCD technology the LR-02 provides an unrivalled cost/performance ratio with excellent accuracyand repeatability

  • Wide measurement range (0-95 °Brix)
  • Rugged IP65 stainless steel construction
  • Simple ‘Easy Start’ operation
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Selectable scales for °Brix, nD, % concentration, HFCS
  • Abrasion resistant sapphire prism
  • 2 decimal place resolution
  • Battery power option

The main applications for the LR02 laboratory refractometer are in the food and drink, chemical, petrochemical and textile industries.

Technical features

Application: Measurement of liquid products in laboratories in the Food, Chemicals, Textile, Petrochemical industries, wineries, etc.
Measurement limits: 1.3300… 1.5318 nD0…95 Brix
1.3300…1.3811 nD: ± 0.00007 nD>1.3811…1.5318 nD: ± 0.00014 nD0…30 Brix:±0.05 Brix

>30…95 Brix:± 0.1 Brix

Product temperature: +5 °C…+45 °C with automatic compensation of temperature measured by Pt1000
Power Supply: DC 5…7.5V 2.5W – connection to external power supply

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