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Draagbare vochtmeter die het vocht in plaatmateriaal zoals bijvoorbeeld gipsplaten meet. Dit instrument wordt veel toegepast voor het meten van vocht in gipsplaten, fiberplaten, houtplaten etc. in de productie-industrie.


Portable moisture testers satisfy a variety of needs across the spectrum of manufacturing industries. For more than 30 years Sensortech has been the standard of excellence in RF moisture testing and the latest version of the PMT-330 continues that tradition. It is very likely that you know someone who uses the PMT-330 on a daily basis.

The design of the PMT-330 is based on the technology used in Sensortech’s IMPS-4400 and is similar to having a portable version of its advanced technology. Using a Radio Frequency Dielectric Measurement allows the PMT-330 to penetrate the surface of the intended target and receive an accurate measurement of its moisture composition. This is a powerful capability packed into a hand-held device and why it has been the standard of portable moisture testing for so long.

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