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SRC-CHOPIN 2 – Solvent Retention Capacity

The SRC-CHOPIN 2 is an automated solution for precise and reproducible Solvent Retention Capacity (SRC) testing, supporting quality control for the baking and milling industries. The SRC is a test that characterizes the functional contribution of the significant flour components (glutenin, damaged starch, and pentosans) to the overall water absorption of the flour and its potential impact on the final product properties. This test complements the information provided by existing rheological tools. The SRC-CHOPIN 2 automates all the steps of the manual method and delivers the same information in a simpler and more precise, consistent way. The SRC-CHOPIN 2 is the next-generation analyzer with improved usability and two newly established standard automated methods: AACC (published by Cereals & Grains Association) and ICC.



  • Automated measurement of the SRC method (Solvent Retention Capacity)
  • Complete automatic system, controlled by an intuitive interface and guaranteeing a complete standardization of all the analysis steps. It combines a dedicated external scale, shaker, centrifuge, and a system for draining the supernatant.
  • Designed for simplicity and complete walk-away operation. Its operation requires minimal training and is easily accomplished by any lab technician.
  • SRC standardized automated method AACC 56-15.01 and ICC Standard 186
  • Performs the procedure with its flexible testing protocol, and automatically calculates the results


  • Secure commercial flour transactions, by offering a reliable, indisputable and independent of any human factor tool (results will be the same as for flour tested at the seller or at the buyer)
  • Frees up valuable lab resources from tedious tasks (especially the most laborious and time-consuming tasks, such as shaking)
  • Reduce the risk of human errors by eliminating the steps of entering weights and calculating results
  • Improve precision and reproducibility, unattainable with the manual method (30% more precise and 50% more reproducible than manual method AACC 56-11.02)
  • Avoid production problems due to inadequate dough comportment
  • And guarantee a constant final product quality

The SRC-CHOPIN 2 provides a trusted measurement for the baking and milling industries to confidently assess their flour quality and final product requirements. It helps in establishing flour specifications for various finished products.

Baking Industry

  • Define a specification book. Determine relevant criteria specific to production: the flour quality required for each finished product can be determined with the SRC values
  • Verify the conformity of delivered flour
  • Improve process optimization & control


  • Produce flours according to the specifications of customers


  • Select the wheat expected by the market

Control Labs

  • Carry out repeatable and reproducible SRC analysis for customers

Universities and Schools

  • Educate people with a tool representative of industrial practices
  • Conduct technical and scientific studies

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