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Verticale Trekbank – Universal Tester

Onze verticale trekbank is geschikt voor uiteenlopende treksterkte testen. Het systeem is eenvoudig bedienbaar via een Touch screen scherm. De load cell kan eenvoudig vervangen worden, zodat verschillende meetgebieden met 1 toestel gemeten kan worden. Het klemmen zijn voorzien van snel-sluiting waardoor de monsters snel geplaatst kunnen worden in het toestel.


Applicable standards:
ISO 1924-1, -2, -3
Scan P38, P67
TAPPI T494, T456
DIN 53112-1
APPITA/AS 1301.448

• Model F81838 available in 3 different heights for materials with low or high elogation values
• Manual screw type clamps are included as standard.
• Optionally available: pneumatic clamps with foot switch, various sample supports
• Touchscreen for operation and display (F81838) or digital display (MTC-100)
• Separate start and stop buttons
• Safety switch
• Sturdy construction with frictionless spindles

The sturdy device is available in three different heights. The large touchscreen controls the device and displays graphs and values. Manual screw type clamps are included as standard. Unintentional starting of the instrument is avoided by having separate start and stop buttons. A standard printer may be connected to the interface.

Optional accessory: pneumatic clamps, sample supports for friction tests, wet tensile device (Finch clamp) and more.
Like model F81838, but equipped with digital display.

Test description
The sample is clamped. The testing process begins by pushing the start button. The upper clamp goes up until the test is finished. (Depending on the testing criteria, this can be the sample break or a preset distance.) After finishing the test, the clamp returns to its initial position and the sample can be
removed. The individual values are displayed. Model F81838 also shows graphs. Statistic values (min, max, mean value and standard deviation) are displayed. If desired, the display of ratio values can be set.

• Working heights F81838: 450 mm, 650 mm or 950 mm
• Maximum testing force: 2 kN
• Testing speed: 0.1-600 mm/min
• Quick return of clamps after sample break
• Touchscreen operation
• Start of the tests by separate button
• Deviation: max. 1% in the range of 1-500 N
• Various force sensors available (50 N, 100 N, 200 N, 500 N, 1,000 N, 2,000 N)
• Spindle protection
• RS 232 interface for result transfer
• Printer interface (parallel) for HP Laserjet compatible printer
• Sample clamps exchangeable
• Compatible to MiniStart and PaperLIMS

• As above, but with a working height of 750 mm, and a 4 line digital display

Technical data
Electricity: 100–230 V, 50 Hz
Water supply: None
Compressed air: 400–600 kPa using pneumatic clamps
Dimensions (WxDxH): 51x45x104–154 cm
Net weight: 63–71 kg
Gross weight: 90–100 kg

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