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Bendtsen Tester – Ruwheid & Luchtdoorlaatbaarheid

Met de Bendtsen tester meet u de ruwheid en luchtdoorlaatbaarheid van papier of andere materialen. Het instrument is eenvoudig bedienbaar via het ingebouwde touch screen scherm. Er kunne maximaal 3 meetkoppen in het instrument ingebouwd worden zodat gelijktijdig de ruwheid aan beide zijden kan worden gemeten en de luchtdoorlaatbaarheid. Dit instrument kan als los toestel gebruikt worden maar het kan ook geïntegreerd worden in onze automatische teststraat (PTA-Line).



• Easy operation via inbuilt touch screen

• Automatic and manual measuring process

• Pressure difference adjustable

• Simultaneous measurement of air and permeance and roughness

• Compensation of barometric pressure

Product Description

The Bentsen measurement process is specified both for surface roughness and air permeability. It works according to the air leak method with preset pressure differentials. The ModularLine Bendtsen testing device is available in various different variant models. According to configuration, the roughness of the upper surface and/or the lower surface as well as the air permeability can be measured.

A device can therefore contain up to three measurement units, with each equipped with a closed measurement and regulation system, and the latest generation of sensors. Barometric pressure compensation gives you the most accurate results and reproducibility. The results can be displayed in ml/min or μm/Pa*s, as required. Calculation according to Gurley, is also possible.

Test Description

After inserting the sample and the start of the test sequence, the roughness or air permeance measurement head is automatically placed on the sample and measurement is started. Automated positioning of the head almost rules out inaccuracies of measurement due to outside influence.

Depending on the selected measurement pre-ssure a pressure difference of 0.74, 1.47 or 2.20 kPa is created and the throughflow between measurement blade and sample is measured. The air permeability is determined using the same technique, where the airflow through the sample is measured. The same selectable pressure regu-lation bands apply here.


• Ease of use due to big touch screen
• Separate Start- und Stop button
• Compensation of barometric air pressure
• Measuring Range 25-5000 ml/min standard
(depending on sensor
• Measurement time: 10s (after pressure is reached)
• Difference pressure adjustable:
0.74 kPa, 1.47 kPa, 2.20 kPa
• Compatible ProbNet
• Can be used as ModularLine Modul

Verfügbare Modelle

S624000001 Bendtsen 1 head – porosity
S624000002 Bendtsen 1 head – Roughness top side
S624000003 Bendtsen 1 head – Roughness bottom side
S624000004 Bendtsen 2 head– Roughness b. side/ t. side
S624000005 Bendtsen 2 head– Roughness t. side / porosity
S624000006 Bendtsen 2 head– Roughness b. side / porosity
S624000007 Bendtsen 3 head– Roughness b. & t. side / Poro
*more on request

Verfügbare Sensoren

Porosity/ Air permeance:
S624001001 Sensor, range 10-5000 ml/min
S624001002 Sensor, range 15-3000 ml/min
S624001003 Sensor, range   5-1000 ml/min
S624001004 Double sensor, range 0,5-5000 ml/min

Roughness / Smoothness Top side
S624001011 Sensor, range 10-5000 ml/min
S624001012 Sensor, range 15-3000 ml/min
S624001013 Sensor, range   5-1000 ml/min
S624001014 Double sensor, range 0,5-5000 ml/min

Roughness / Smoothness  Top side
S624001021 Sensor, range 10-5000 ml/min
S624001022 Sensor, range 15-3000 ml/min
S624001023 Sensor, range   5-1000 ml/min
S624001024 Double sensor, range 0,5-5000 ml/min

Available Accessories:
S406900001 ProbeNet Software inclusive 1 Softwarelicence

Technical Data:


Power:                        100–240 V, 50–60 Hz
Power consumption:     <80W
Water:                         no
Compressed air :         600 kPa / 6 bar
for hose 6mm


RS232 1x                     Data outout
Ethernet 1x                  Data outout / MQTT
USB 2x                        Updates / Service


Mesurement range:      25-5000 (Standardgerät) je nach gewähltem Sensor
Measurement time:      10 Sek nach Erreichen des Messdrucks
Dwelling pressure:       Deadweight of the measuring head
roughness 267g
Difference pressure:    0,74 / 1,47 / 2,20 kPa adjustable
Accuracy:                   depending on sensor
pressure difference:     +-0,005kPa linaer
Flow rate:                    +-0,5% of the final value

• Air permeance:
– Measuring area: 10 ± 0,2 cm²

• Roughness:
– Measuring blade: Ø 31,5 mm, 150 μm thick , 267 g

Air permeability. P [µm/Ps]
Air permeability V [ml/min]
Roughness [ml/min]
Gurley [s] (Calculated)

Mean values
Standard deviation
Coefficient of variation
Min. and Max. of test series


Dimensions                             L x H x B

S624000001-6     1-2 head         600 x 600 x 270 mm
S624000007        3 head            600 x 600 x 330 mm

Weight                                     netto/brutto
S624000001-6      1-2 head         45kg / 72kg
S624000007         3 head            51kg / 77kg

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