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Crush Tester

Voor het bepalen van de compressie sterkte van karton en verpakkingen door middel van verschillende testen. Het instrument heeft een robuuste constructie en is eenvoudig bedienbaar via het Touch screen. Testkrachten tot 5 kN zijn mogelijk.


Applicable standards:
DIN EN ISO 23035
ISO 13820, 7263, 3035, 3037, 12192
DIN 53134, 53143, 53149
SCAN P27, P32, P33, P34, P42
FEFCO No. 6 , 8
TAPPI T825, T809, T822, T843, T811, T823, T838, T839, T821, T829

• Stable double guide bars with ball bearing guided plates for ultimate precision
• Graphic display of graphs and values
• Measuring range: 10-5,000 N, resolution 0.1 N
• Plates automatically take the respective start position after pre-selection of test method (e.g. ECT test)
• Overload protection due to spring set
• Heavy design (115 kg)


The compact two-spindle Crush Tester disposes of a built-on touchscreen and separate start and stop buttons. The respective test programs are to be selected on the display. After pre-selection of the desired test program, the test plates automatically go to their respective initial position. A safety protection (comprising an especially designed spring set) helps prevent damage to the force sensor by accidental operation. Various sample holders and sample preparation devices are at your disposal for the different test modes and can be ordered according to your needs. If desired, the instrument can be delivered with a device for 4-point bending tests instead of pressure plates.

Test description

By use of the touchscreen, the operator chooses the desired test program. The plates automatically take the right initial position. Prepared samples are placed between the plates (together with a sample holder, if required). The operator pushes the start button; The moving platen closes onto the sample at a preset speed, until the end of the measurement is reached. According to the test, this can be a preset breaking criteria or a preset distance. Values and graphs are displayed while the plates return to their initial position. The instrument is ready for the next test. A simple key press can change the test modes changed in the main menu.

• Display of graphs, single and statistic values
• Quick change of test program
• Working space of the instrument:
– Height: 150 mm
– Width: 200 mm
• Test speed adjustable from 1-200 mm/min
• Force sensor 5 kN
• Start of single tests by pushing a separate button
• Accuracy: Deviation max. 1 % in the range of 1-100 % of the nominal load
• Spindle protection
• Sample support for crush tests:
– Pressure plates: 195 x 120 mm
– Working space: 125 x 120 x 110 mm (W x D x H)
– Double guide bars with ball bearing guided plates for ultimate parallelism
– Specifically developed, extra friction low ball-type nipple guidance
• Mechanical overload protection
• RS 232 interface for result transfer
• Printer interface (parallel) for HP Laserjet compatible printer
• Compatible to MiniStat and PaperLIMS
• Optionally available: 4-point bending bridge with software

Technical data
Electricity: 100 – 230 V, 50 – 60 Hz
Water supply: None
Compressed air: None
Dimensions (WxDxH): 45x56x65 cm
Net weight: 115 kg
Gross weight: 140 kg

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