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Voor gestandaardiseerd desintegreren van pulp suspensies.



• Made of all corrosion-resistant materials
• Upper part swings open for ease of use
• Motor capacity: 250 W
• Electronic counter of revolutions
• Electronics built into the upper part therefore well-protected against entering water
• Disintegration pot is available in Plexiglas® (standard) or stainless steel


The sturdy and reliable disintegrator is very easy to use. Onehand operation for opening, closing and starting the machine. To prevent injury, the device cannot be switched on without a pot in place. The disintegrator switches off automatically and resets the counter when the pre-selected number of revolutions
is reached.

Test description

Pulp is given mechanical treatment in water so that interlaced fibres, which were free in the pulp stock, are again separated from one another without appreciably changing their structural properties. This method is applicable to most kinds of pulp, including recycled fibres but not recommended for some very
long-fibred pulps such as cotton and similar materials. The sample is transferred into the disintegration pot. Water is added to the required volume; inserted into the disintegrator and the top is lowered onto the pot. The revolution counter is set to the correct value and the motor switched on. 10 minutes should be allowed for 30,000 revolutions. When reaching the preset number of revolutions the disintegrator switches off automatically. To take the pot out, the top is unlocked and swung upwards. The disintegrated pulp is ready for further processing.


• Hinged housing upper part
• 3,000 ± 30 rpm (according to standard)
• Electronic revolution counter
• Safety device
• Stainless steel design
• Propeller gauge for checking and adjusting
• Plexiglas® pot included
• Stainless steel pot optionally available e.g. for hot disintegration

Techical Data:

Electricity: 230 V, 50 Hz
Water supply: None
Compressed air: None
Dimensions (WxDxH): 27x53x42 cm
Net weight: 34 kg
Gross weight: 45 kg

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