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SAT 450 Random Access Analyzer

Determine & Quantify Routine & Special Chemistries With Full Traceability & Reliability The AMS Alliance SAT 450 is a fully automated, random-access clinical analyzer for routine and special chemistries testing, designed to support your laboratory in achieving improved operational efficiency, reducing reruns and manual handling. The SAT 450 analyzes samples of serum, plasma, urine and other fluids, allowing clinicians to determine and quantify metabolites, electrolytes, proteins and drugs. These results give clinicians critical feedback on toxicology and health conditions, and they rely on the data for helping doctors make the best decisions possible for their patients. SAT 450’s automation allows maximizing throughput and improves operator’s safety from exposure to biohazards as well as minimizes cross-contamination risks. Thanks to its strict compliance with quality systems procedures and regulatory agency requirements, it provides accurate results while ensuring full traceability and reliability. SAT 450 is specially designed not only for routine biochemical analysis, but its performance and specifications make it an ideal analyzer for special chemistries in combination with larger platforms, those dedicated to routine testing. Features Handles up to 450 tests per hour Up to 72 reagent positions in a refrigerated compartment 4 removable racks (up to 15 positions each) and 8 peripheral positions for 5 ml containers 80 long life, 6 mm optical path, semi-disposable cuvettes Controls can be loaded on reagent compartments and/or samples compartments Optional ISE module Benefits Compact and simple operation Optimized sample and reagent mixing Double probe washing between each sampling cycle ensures clean, accurate results Continuous loading saves users time between testing cycles Cost effective with a long life in the field Reagent refrigerated chamber with built-in barcode reader – Reagent inventory management Practical design allows easy access for maintenance purposes by simply lifting up the entire light-weight analytical chassis


SAT 450

Assay Types End point, Kinetic, Differential, Dichromatic, Fixed Time and Immunoturbidimetric up to 999 Tests, All User Programmable
On-Board Reagents Up to 72 Reagents Cab Be Located into the Refrigerated Compartment and Distributed on:
– 4 Removable Racks
– 50/20/5 ml Containers Can Be Loaded
– 8 Extra Positions for 5 ml Containers
Sample Loading – 4 Universal Separate Racks for Continuous Loading of Samples, Calibrators and Controls Thanks To A Dedicated Lid (New Main Cover Design)
– Each Rack Contains Up To 15 Cups and/or Tubes 10-16 Mm Diam., 40-100 Mm Height
– 8 Extra Positions for Urgent Samples, Calibrators and Controls
– STAT Sample Execution Is Allowed At Any Time
Throughput – 280 Photometric Tests/Hour + 160 ISE/Hour
– Up To 440 Tests/Hour (280 Photometric Tests/Hour + 160 ISE/Hour)
Reading System – Direct Reading, Dual Channel Photometer
– 200 L Minimum Reading Volume
– 9 Narrow Band, Automatically Selected Interferential Filters 340, 380, 405, 492, 510, 546, 577, 620, 690
– Halogen Lamp 6V/10W
– Linear From 0.0001 To 4.200 Abs
– High Resolution (0.0005 Abs.)
Sampling Process One Mechanical Arm Performs All Sampling Operations With:
– Level Sensing System (Capacitive)
– New Sampling Probe With Shock Sensor
– New Reagent Pre-Warming System At 37°C
– Automatic Probe Washing
– Sample Volume Range: 2.0μl÷ 99 Μl (0.25 Μl Incr.)
– Reagents Volume Range: 0μl÷ 350 Μl (1 Μl Incr.)
– Sample Pre-Dilution
– Sample Post-Dilution
– Sample Post-Concentration
Reaction Plate Holds 80 Cuvettes Divided Into 4 Racks With 20 Cuvettes Each and Performs the Following Operations: – Automatic Cuvettes Washing
– Continuous Monitoring Of Cuvettes Quality
– Incubation Temperature Control At 37°C ± 0.3
Computer (min requirements) CPU I3 Series 9 (Or Higher)
– Memory Ram 8 Gb
– Hard Disk 250 Gb
– Monitor 17“
– Communication USB and/or RS232 Port
– Host Communication RS232 Or Ethernet
– Software Windows 10 Or Higher
Installation Requirements – Power Supply 90 ÷ 250 VAC, 47 ÷ 63 Hz
– Electric Consumption 386 Watt
– Water Consumption 1.8 L/H (61 fl oz)
Dimensions 107 W x 68 D x 53 H cm (42 x 27 x 21 in)
Weight 49 Kg (108 lbs) – Degree of pollution as per EN 61010: 2
– Installation category as per EN 61010: II (surge category)
Environment – Room Temperature 18°C – 30°C (65°F – 86°F)
– Relative Humidity 20% – 85%

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