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Modular-Line Control & Transport Unit

Centrale controller en transport unit van onze automatische teststraat. Hiermee kunnen alle instelling worden gedaan voor de diverse testen. Ook worden alle meetgegevens opgeslagen in de centrale unit.


Device description
The PTA-Line control and transport unit is the heart of an automated testing system.
As its name indicates, it regulates the sample feed that transports samples to connected measurement devices and then also takes control of them.
This means that individual independent measurement devices form a fully automatic test line for the measurement of profile samples of any type.
It doesn’t matter if these are cross-section profiles for production control, or long profiles for early detection of faults at the paper machine – with the transport system, which is accurate to within millimetres, almost any testing scenario can be realised, according to requirements. Operation via the integrated touch screen guarantees high levels of comfort.

Controls and analysis
With the growth in number of connected testing devices, the number of configurations grows accordingly.
As with the individual testing devices, the PTA-Line control and transport unit is also equipped with a software assistant, which doesn’t just help to quickly and clearly implement test requirements, but also loads them so that a complete profile test can be initiated in just a few operations.
Especially for production control, this is a real advantage in meeting deadlines.
The measured data is analysed in real time, any incorrect measurements are detected, and then the complete profile is displayed on the screen for analysis or further processing in a QM system.

• Easy operation via the integrated touch screen
• Sample width: 30 cm (Sample cutter, see page 197)
• High-precision needle-chain transport system
• Intelligent and flexible sample transport speed
• Easy to control due to the intuitive designed software
• Bi-diretional comunication with QMS available
• FRANK-PTI standard-ports (see page 12)
• Compatible with ProbeNet (see pages 254 – 257)

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